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is an all natural breakthrough product that freezes and breaks down fat cells; allowing the relocation and removal of unwanted fat thru lymphatic system.

  • SAFE





lipo like results!

SculptICE Facial

Face Sculpting Benefits

  • Activates blood circulating, rejuvenating skin

  • Tones your cheeks

  • Diminishes and prevents wrinkles and fine lines

  • Eliminates puffiness around eyes and underbags

  • Tones your face and diminishes wrinkles

  • Reduces facial age lines depth

  • Activates lymphatic system, helping drain the accumulation of facial fat

  • Dramatically reduces the double chin

  • Minimizes puffiness, dark circles and sagging skin around the eye contour

  • Delivers a “face lift”, giving you a reaffirming effect

  • Maintains your skin young and healthy looking

  • Gives you a deep cleansing feel


SculptICE Body Treatment

Body Sculpting Benefit

  • Detox your body

  • Helps restore skin elasticity

  • Reduce cellulite

  • Remove resistant fat

  • Activate production of new collagen

  • Activates lymphatic System

  • 100% natural treatment

  • Result are permanent and progressive

  • No surgery

  • Immediate results




Freeze-Sculpt - Repeat


Cedar instruments are used for this treatment to intensify the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite, so that it can be eliminated naturally with other toxins through the lymphatic system.


 Body Sculpting Ice™ is a 100% natural product, made of a precise combination of herbs, essential oils, and other natural ingredients, that together promote the desolation of adipose tissue in the body. In addition,  helps to mold, reduce, and reaffirm the skin, by promoting the natural production of collagen and elastin in the body, improving the elasticity and tonicity of the skin. 


It's a safe natural product, formulated to help individuals presenting early stages of fat accumulation, all the way to extreme cases of obesity. It also helps individuals that just want to get rid of unwanted cellulite, or for those that simply want to reaffirm the skin in specific areas of the body.

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