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Summer Maiden LMT, CIIT, LMBT #15034

Licensed Massage Practitioner/Coach/Educator

Continue Educator/ Instructor: Neuromuscular, Cranio Sacral, Manual Lymph Drainage, Infant/Neonatal, Pregnancy/High Risk, Postpartum, Labor Massage, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, MediCupping™, VacuTherapies™


A graduated of American Institute of Alternative Medicine and licensed by The State of Ohio Medical Board as Limited Branch Practitioner and North Carolina Massage and Bodywork Theapy Board. She's been an active Licensed Massage Therapist working with various populations for over ten years. 

    Her continued education and specialized skills includes: Swedish, Neuromuscular, Therapeutic, CranioSacral, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Scar Tissue Release, Fertility, Pre/Postnatal & High Risk Pregnancy, Infant Massage Instructor/Educator, Neonatal Massage, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction & MediCupping™, VacuTherapies™, Massage Therapy Health Educator/Instructor/Business Coaching.


   Her career path has enabled her to work in multiple areas which include private practice over 10yrs, physical therapy facility, fitness centers, corporate wellness, Inpatient acute care in local hospital, Clinical Director/Instructor and Continued Educator Provider.   Awesome opportunities have provided her to excel in skills learned by working with exceptional medical and physical fitness professionals, to provide therapeutic massage with multiple modalities specialized for adults and the pediatric population to help strengthen, relax, educate and assist in healing.  After being a Hemoglobinopathy Counselor/Educator in the Hematology/Oncology Clinic where she provided teaching and education to families and medical staff, she was licensed and transitioned into the Inpatient Massage Therapy Department. While working in the Clinical Therapies department her dedicated areas consist of Hematology/Oncology, Cardiac Intensive Care (CTICU), Heart/Lung Transplant, Pulmonary Rehab, NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care) and the Rehabilitation departments. Where she seen adult & children alike to address medial therapeutic needs. She also began focusing her continued education on OB/Gyn concerns addressing therapeutic care in women's health, infant bonding and family centered care. After going through several personal challenges she began dedicating herself to address women's health and started My Kneads Integrative Medical Massage. Due to shift in industry and understanding it’s needs, her focus and passion is geared toward advancing the industry to another level and have dedicated time in helping other therapist and companies through Consulting and Coaching.